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Why Money Matters To Men (Strengthening Your Family)

Published on 02 Apr 2024 / In Entertainment

In this video, I will discuss why money matters to men and how it is a useful tool for strengthening your family.

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Furioso 18 days ago

She's not yours ,it's just your turn (if you have money or not) and children are the property of the state ,they're not yours too .Money don't have real value ,banks are printing money with nothing and create debts for us taxpayers slaves to pay .Money is the modern ball and chain ,the more you buy material things ,the more you are dependent on what you possess (watch the movie Fight Club).Freedom is to not be attached to anything .As a man ,if you want peace and freedom ,you don't pursue wahmen ,money or material things .

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Toki 18 days ago

Family? Why spoil women at all? Why should anyone bring children into a world of taxes, inflation, and looming world wars? Selfish people that's who. Pay for my retirement son. But wait. In the near future your sons will have no means of making any income at all. If they do manage to find an income it will be stolen and turned into communist gifts for the ruling class and women.
Family? Lol. When you are man no one cares about you. My own parents see me as a retirement slave. That's why I was born. Also paying for my sister's irresponsible choice to procreate children she can't afford. I'm the only one in the family who isn't in debt by the way. Go figure. I don't even care about money and material things that's why I'm not in debt.
My bloodline is average peasants who for whatever reason keep reproducing more peasants. Makes no sense. Only Kings have any reason to have women around to produce heirs. The rest of us are just slaves.

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EuroGaNationalist 16 days ago

Good insight and I do want to say, I feel for you. The world doesn’t care for us so why care for them. I respect your life decisions and discipline, never reward usury and live for yourself. Cut off these users if needed. Wish you the best for your future endeavors

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