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Why Men STOP Dating Modern Women#17 - 96.7% Failure

Published on 12 Jun 2024 / In Entertainment

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Yeah once a certain level of understanding has been reached, the need and desire to watch women and their bullshit slowly tapers off..

The cathartic effect wanes..... getting small doses though, on a slightly frequent basis, keeps the awareness up and running and is probably not only helpful, but it's a necessity.

AND people need balance.... what else can men being doing in life, aside from dodging bullets?

Lets list them:

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CircuitDoc1 1 month ago

The clown make-up keeps getting worse. It's bright colors that are applied in multiple layer with the final coat being applied over the eyes with a giant felt marker. Teeth are so white they must be battery operated. I guess if you're going to act like a clown, you might as well look like one.

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That darkie at 1:55..... MMmmm side on she is nice.

That blondo psycho at 4:05 - nice looking - but fuck - what a crazy.
The accent is good... but the theatrics is bad.
Comes across as a Dolly Parton with Tiny Tits.

The rest of them...... Mostly pass at every level.

Oooo the darkie at 7:55 - she is nice.
Real nice - but she is a fucking terd.

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Shrike777 1 month ago

This dude is making content for P.U.A.'s

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