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Why Men STOP Dating Modern Women #14

Published on 04 Mar 2024 / In Entertainment

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SteveOUK 1 month ago

4:50 - Her crossed arms and posture tell me she's making that up.

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While the issue of always supporting her day in and day out for years, and when the first time, you ask her for help - with some really serious shit, and she packs her bags and flees.....

She is a cunt and you really ought to have seen this - in a thousand little things, and in a thousand little ways, BEFORE you committed in.

Like passing you the sugar here or there, at the 10th meal out at a diner, and never once offering to pay for any of it ever, or offering to take you out once in a while, well passing the sugar - while your (stupidly) forking out heaps for this free loading fuck hole kind of puts it in perspective.

She has little or no commitment or loyalty or will invest nothing into the relationship when times are good, well she will be just as selfish when times are hard - for you.

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