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Published on 19 Jan 2021 / In Science & Technology

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Go your own way guys

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Fangs13 1 month ago

keep your delusions ma'am .. the answer is NO!

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UnwillingVillian 1 month ago

1st. This is a prime example of feminist cognitive dissonance being the current year status quo. This is just the tip of the politically correct shit pile that is taught in liberal indoctrination.

2nd. My ex and I are actually just friends. She tried to monkey branch to another guy. We parted on amicable terms. He didn't turn out to be interested in having the kind of relationship she wants. Now we are just friends on MY terms.

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mrghoster 1 month ago

Speaking personally and as a MGTOW Monk, NOPE friendship would be on a women's term's with the guy doing a puppy dog impression just to get a sniff! If a female wants to be friends with you the guy, ask yourself WTF does she want? what is she after from YOU? Whatever it is it won't be reciprocated that I can promise you! lol!

Note in the interviews the number of women that said YES, that's because they being so independent REALLY do need MEN. whereas MEN usually adapt and make use to what they Need, often and way down the list i believe is a female. Their little Head in their pants could get the better of them but a true MAN doesn't really need a woman. that's why God gave MEN Masturbation! lol!

I'm a youthful 65 year old and have NEVER lifted a finger against a female yet I have been punched slapped and clawed by women and for the pettiest of things in the past. Hell I've only hit a male twice and that was in self defense. No MEN and women cannot be friends in the general term because the women would continuously move the goal post's in her favor, that is coercion NOT friendship.

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Freeatlast 1 month ago

Women do not have the moral cognitive sense of what is right and wrong. It is OK for them to be in a serious relationship with me, and one other sexual relationships with men. They do this to a lot of guys. Women have no sense of loyalty. So don’t be their friend. They are not your friend!

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Freeatlast 1 month ago

@Freeatlast: you as a guy, or just a resource to extract what they want from you. There will be no reciprocation of resources.

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CatFoodMillionaire 1 month ago

Imagine the level of callousness that is required for ALL females to justify wasting a Mans life for Her benefit.

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Mrod 1 month ago

Ah beta orbiting has existed since the dawn of time. Women pretend so they can get the attention and emotional support they desire from these guys while also maintaining plausible deniability. These Men in return pine away and hope their efforts will eventually be rewarded with an actual real bf/gf relationship that is not one sided. Cant blame the woman though. Female nature isn't good or evil it just is. If a guy wants to put themselves through that misery its on them.

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Codexman 1 month ago

Here be truth!

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Sir 1 month ago

Albeit I've seen this video elsewhere. It is Good video for those that haven't. So Thx 4 sharing.

Nonetheless, it's laughable how selectively Delusional most Women are and that they obviously keep guys as "Supposed " friends to just use them for FREE Stuff and/or as an Emotional Tampon. It was also interesting to see that Most all the Men in that Video knew Genuinely that Men & Women cannot generally be just Friends in Contrast to the Disigenuious Women.

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