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Why is the West Committing Suicide & How Do We Turn It Around?

The Alex Jones Show
The Alex Jones Show
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Published on 06 Aug 2022 / In Entertainment

Gonzalo Lira joins guest host Mike Adams of https://naturalnews.com to break down how the West is falling into the Great Reset trap.

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InfiniteMushroom 11 days ago

An easy question to answer IF you have the courage to NAME THE JEW and point out the symptoms they hide behind.

In short, the West has become a giant GOLEM. A zombie that is animated by JEWS at the top. Neither alive nor dead, the JEWS make us do insane things just because they believe that is the truest measure of their claim to be gods on the Earth. When (((THEY))) own everything that matters, what's left? The power to make us do things against our will; even to commit racial suicide.

How do we turn it around? There are many good answers and they are ALL aimed at reviving White racial identity AND identifying who our (((ENEMIES))) are. One of many firsts is a global confession that ADOLF HITLER WAS RIGHT AFTER ALL and that Dr. Joseph Goebbels was his prophet; sent to teach the masses.
There are many worthy Apostles (Dr. William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, Ben Klasse, Matt Hale, etc) who are worthy to study from as well but, only after the Infallible Confession of Adolf Hitler Was Right has been done **AND** to know why he was right.

Then take action as Truth has revealed unto you and do unto our (((ENEMIES))) what they have done unto us SEVENFOLD. Let the SHOAH BEGIN!


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