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Why Do Women Lead Men On? - MGTOW

Published on 26 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from The Mad Monk and here's what he very briefly has to say: "Hi Sandman, My old ex Girlfriend who moved away and got married flirts on text with me, sometimes pretty graphically. She actually came out to visit and hung out with me, but then acted 100% platonic. Why do girls, especially EXs, flirt sexually then in person do nothing? Thanks for all your wisdom." Well Mad Monk or M&M for short thanks for the donation and topic. It could be a number of reasons. Maybe she gets off on teasing you and trying to create unrequited love on your part. Where you're not satisfied and yearning for her but she's just trying to drive you mad? Maybe she's keeping her options open by giving you hope incase her marriage fails or her husband leaves her. There's that possibility that she wants you to want her and have an emotional connection and investment incase she needs to try and monkey branch to you later. With women it's not about a specific reason. It's about a multitude of possible reasons and you're never going to know which one it is. So you have to pretend like all of them are the real reason. Why women do this is because of the way they think. They want to feel multiple emotions at the same time. They want to feel good and bad at the same time. The more emotions they feel simultaneously the more they are entertained. They want you to want them but also be frustrated at the same time. It's awful. Of course if she gets dumped she'll just tell you that she dumped him because he didn't treat her properly or something along those lines. So then you might feel sorry for her and get back together with her if she so chooses. For women these psychological games are survival instincts from the days when we lived in a state of nature. Where if a woman didn't have a man to protect her for even a few days or a week she would be a goner. So having multiple beta orbiters around her increased her odds of longer-term survival. Remember, even having female friends boyfriends white knight for her. When I was in relationships I would help my girlfriends female friends move and not expect anything in return. There's that meme out that that shows when a woman asks for help there's a whole crowd of people there to help her versus when a man asks for help there's an empty horizon because he can take care of things on his own. Women even when they are in longer term committed relationships will still flirt with other men.

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havok545 2 months ago

Some men are happy to be in the "friend zone" because occasionally the woman could be in a vulnerable state every now and then and the guy gets to have sex. Then the female will give the guy the "it's a mistake let's just stay friends speech".
It's a well known psychological affect known as the "jackpot affect". As the name implies it comes from the hopes of winning when gambling so people keep on doing irrational things.
It doesn't happen often most of the time not at all but if the friend zoned guy is at the right place at the right time he gets to hit it.
That and like Sandman mentioned female attention and validation.

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havok545 2 months ago

Why does a spider weave a web?

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Architecture sucks today because Demonists and Communists, but I repeat myself, don't want to inspire you." They are paid to build bland shit to suck your soul out of you. The Humanitus movement in Antiquity inspired the later Renaissance, which was about rediscovering lost wisdom and treasures... The Greeks Athens in general used sculpture and architecture to celebrate their "divine" humanity and Freedom... only Freedom develops the art that far: Paid slaves do the bare minimum... Right, comrade?

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csehszlovakze 2 months ago

definitely watch out for gypsies if you ever come back here. also have a chat with Amr beforehand, he was here during scamarona.

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zdoctor 2 months ago

JUST LIKE SANDMANS LAST VIDEO........CONTROL is the reason why they lead men on......how they control you is getting you to buy them things.....they throw temper tantrums to get you to pay attention and that attention in her eyes is how she controls you by your own emotions by giving her YOUR attention. ..( YOUR ATTENTION = HER CONTROL )... . this is why whaman are all about controlling men. ,...TEMPER TANTRUMS = CONTROL......SHE WANTS FLOWERS = CONTROL........PAY FOR DATES = CONTROL.......HAVE A SHOULDER TO CRY ON WHEN SHE NEEDS IT = CONTROL......GIVE HER A FEW DOLLARS = CONTROL........SHE SAYS SHE WILL LEAVE YOU IF YOU DONT DO SOMETHING FOR HER = CONTROL........SHE WANTS VACATIONS = CONTROL...........WHEN SHE GIVES YOU SEX = CONTROL...........all of these examples are forms of mental control to turn the man into a blue pill BITCH!!!! ...then when she transforms you into a bitch she leaves after using you for all the above things i have listed and many more.....GENTLEMEN....YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THEN A CONVEIENCE TO THESE WHAMAN. . .STOP GIVING THEM ANY CONTROL AND TAKE BACK YOUR OWN LIFE. . . .im not sure who but someone in this community has made the acronym for atm and ill stand by that.....all what whaman want is Attention Time & Money ..ATM. ....INSTEAD OF DOING BETTER FOR WHAMAN DO BETTER FOR YOURSELF.....ITS A BETTER INVESTMENT!!!!!!

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