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Why Do They Really Fear Single Men - MGTOW

Published on 20 Feb 2024 / In People & Blogs

Red Pill Mentor Tokyo
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How Male Minimalism Threatens the US Economy

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Thomas. He didn't give me a topic so I wanted to build on a recent video I ran into by Aaron Clarey called: "How Male Minimalism Threatens the US Economy." I put the link below and it's part of one of his books and it's only three minutes long. In it he mentions that single men only need about $21,900 dollars to survive if they don't have a family. They only need a flat screen tv, a chair and video games for entertainment. They don't need fancy degrees, suvs and mcmansions to feel happy. All things are true and the US economy is going to suffer as more men adopt minimalism. We are seeing that with less men willing to break their bodies working the trades so the men that do remain in those fields cost more money to hire and that puts pressure on inflation. But it's worse than he thought because recently even video game sales are down. Women make up the bulk of travelers at around 70% and the majority of men when they don't have the pressure of family and relationships in their lives I think somewhere around 90% underachieve while about 10% overachieve. I remember Stardusk years ago saying that it's bad for men to go their own way because they lose motivation. But the 10% of men such as myself with a sigma Grindset felt liberated to work and accomplish as much as we wanted. But that has a consequence that I believe the elites hate even more than a bunch of black pilled men that have given up or men that focus on doing as little as possible except indulging their hedonism. The 10% of men that I talk to regularly on my coaching calls are quickly amassing millions of dollars and buying up tons of assets and that creates greater wealth inequality in our soyciety. Plus the elites don't like them because they are scooping up the same assets they want. In Clarey's video is shows a picture of an empty sofa chair and a tv in an empty room and some woman is shaming men by saying that men think it's ok living like this. Minus the mask of course that I put in the thumbnail image. A man that that's a sigma that lives as a minimalists hoovering up as many investments as he can can also retire early and more rapidly switch over from being part of the employment class to the asset class. The idea of lower, middle and upper class are antiquated in the 21st century. The lower class has been replaced by the welfare class surviving on government handouts and food stamps. Then you have the middle class which might as well be called the employment class which get it's income from labor and finally the upper class which lives by cashing in a portion of their assets as income or relying on dividends or rent. Some people can be a combination of all three. Clarey says that women have said that they don't need men anymore so men have decided to checkout. Men do the minimum required to exist. But that will only work temporarily until the consumer economy crashes. We see that with 60% of American shopping malls going bust and people living in smaller apartments. I'll discuss more in a moment but first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor The Red Pill Mentor:

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zdoctor 2 months ago

without a whaman my expenses are very low.....with that said many men realize investing in the future by spending money on a whamans life ( ie being married ) is a failure waiting to happen after she takes you to the cleaners!!!. ....investing in whaman is like investing in an luxury ocean liner like titanic and expecting it to be green for the environment and when men find out its a lie more and more pull their money from that investment. .....whaman are a poor investment for a mans future. ..the best investment for a man is to invest in himself!!!!! ..THE FUTURE CAN BE YOURS GENTLEMEN....INVEST WISELY!!!!!

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