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Why BLACK MEN Are Rejecting ?Red Pill Dating Advice FT. Black Pill Jaye @Educatedtyrone

Published on 06 Aug 2023 / In People & Blogs

#Blackpill #Racepill #Datng #Women #Attraction
What is obvious about the black pill? The most attractive men can sleep with as many women as they want. Most women will pick the tall attractive guy over the short ugly dude whose perfect in every other way. There is a genetic component to dating that isn't fair. The key to overcoming the black pill is to accept that there will be people who won't like you for what you're born with, but that's okay because there may still be women out there who will, especially in a foreign country. You don't control the cards you get in life. Just because you didn't start with a perfect hand doesn't mean you can't have a favorable outcome seeking genuine romantic interest. However, it's NO guaranteed.

β€’ How does this correlate for Black Men in particular?
β€’ Does The Racepill affect black men?
β€’ Do women value race over physical genetics and characteristics?
β€’ Do non-black women only fantasize about black men solely for sexual relations rather
than lifelong partners? Let's discuss it!

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