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Why Are THEY Afraid Of MGTOW?

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Published on 30 May 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Bill. He didn't send me a specific topic so what I'd like to do is read something by someone named Tim Bucks. He watched my video interview about MGTOW being big in Brazil where Platinho and myself asked the question Why Are THEY Afraid of MGTOW and here's what Tim has to say: "Why are they afraid of us?...Sandman asks. If men go their own way, it gets to the heart of the system. America was supposedly founded on "freedom". In a way, it was. But then what happened was an advanced complex economy grew up since the founding of America. That economy is built on consumer spending. Most of that money in the economy goes into a few hands. Most of the money is spent by women....about 80% of consumer spending is by women. Feminists say women are "oppressed". Actually, reality, it's sort of the opposite of this. Men willingly submit themselves in toil, to keep women happy. They give
women all their money, doing far more work, creating far more wealth and economic activity, than it takes, for just men to have a good life. They do this for women. For all this work, feminists claim men "oppress them". Then women organize at university and teach other women, what assholes men are. Then women vote in politicians to keep the system going, with women favored, while pretending men have the power and run things. No they don't. When men go their own way, it exposes the lack of freedom men actually have, in the system. Yes men can vote in whatever way they want, can believe what they want and create a life.....but they must never leave the bondage they have, to women....or else.
Freedom in America is a joke. No such thing. Men going their way exposes that. What good is freedom of speech for instance, when women claim all your money? Are you free then? Not really. So naturally the powers that be, they don't want most men to think, to figure this out. Since the elites get most of the money and since that money and wealth is created by men voluntarily toiling for women, while being spat at and called oppressors, the last thing the elites want is for the average man to figure out he is actually a slave to the state, a slave to the corporation, a slave to their wives. So mgtow is truth and must be shut down. The last thing they want, is for men to figure out, how the system exploits them and for whom. It's better for the powers that be, to keep men ignorant of the truth, ignorant of female nature. It's easier to keep men being slaves to vaginas. That way, they can be controlled easily." Well Bill thanks for the donation and thank you Tim Bucks for your wonderful words. I'll get to them in just a sec but let me first tell you about today's sponsor me the Sandman:

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WindSage 8 months ago

I remember a video talking about the idea of population control in the 60s to the 90s because there would not be enough food and resources but this has proven false by improvements in food production. Still I do believe that making childcare very expensive and marriage not atractive at all is a sort of control.

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AntiCuck1982 8 months ago

that mgtow "biggest guy" is like jordan peterson , controlled opposition AT BEST, a purple pill if we are being generous

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AntiCuck1982 8 months ago

yeah mgtow is big in Brasil ... but you have looked in the wrong places .... a mgtow do not simp for female unicorn politicians... as i said in another video ... it's like you have watched a molyneux video and saying mgtow is big in canada, we have our "sandmans" and "tfm"'s too ...

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Maxellmatrix 8 months ago

Sex Bots. Artificial Wombs and Life Extension = Men's Freedom

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ancientsea 8 months ago

There is more than just a thread of truth to the donator's comments. We are light years away from ANYONE being afraid of us ''en masse'' or individually. However, those Big Bankers are terrified of anyone who is NOT in debt via mortgage or loans.

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AngryCoffee 8 months ago

They live for the past and glorify themselves as rulers of men. Now they run because we are growing in numbers and in truth each day.

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Councilof1 8 months ago

It's like the old joke. Why was Feminism created? So ugly women could get jobs too. My grandfather told me that one, only joke ever ever told me.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 8 months ago

you can only change yourself, the best effect is for other blue pill men to SEE how you live.......... walk the walk , too many just talk the talk. Find a good source of professionals, maids, cooks and masseurs ............ forego the divorce rape, its not that fun.

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TheNarcsEnemy 8 months ago

I would agree, with one caution. Many men attack other men who choose to be single. So your success can be quickly undone by the very people some may want to be helping. it's clown world out there.

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Wolf_joseph 8 months ago

Wonder who doing those DOSS attack on
This video just answer that question

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 8 months ago

They fear us because we hold all the cards to freeing all the other men from the plantation. Our MGTOW Philosophy threatens their gynocentric narrative of enslavement, control, oppression and abuse of countless innocent men. No man should ever have to put up with the level of abuse usury from women. Not even the poor disadvantaged nice beta simps deserve it either.

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