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Why are people silently quitting? It's a phenomenon sweeping across the country. - Episode 46


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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 11 Apr 2022 / In Other

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planB 6 months ago

Trading your most productive years to make some rando executive board filthy rich for stealing your time from you is why people are going their own way from the consumerist plantation. People are beginning to disfavor trapping themselves in games that don't offer a net beneficial deal.

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SOLID_MGTOW_MONK 6 months ago

What sickness exactly?

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Mr_Sluggo 6 months ago

Damn...Things have gotten that rough for employers with requirements of having a pulse?
I currently work in IT and i want a job strictly working from home.
I really hate commuting to my job.

   1    0
TheDemonKing 6 months ago

There is no more incentive. The corporations will enslave you if possible using baby jail just like government does,or just keep making empty promises. Also most of them openly admit they want to kill you possibly your entire race if you are white.
Is there any benefit anymore?
Seriously,you get to slave away working your ass off as hard as you can and for what? A tiny crappy apartment,maybe a house you're probably gonna lose one day? Maybe you'll get to train your arabian replacement if you're lucky!
The corporations have become so bad and become so tied together with the marxist globalist government there's no more incentives to work for them.
What they have is threats,work for us or become homeless work harder or you'll be lonely and poor.
Threats is all they have as far as I'm concerned. And I determined the only way to win that game is to stop playing. They cannot threaten me with suffering if I don't obey them anymore I just left. I'm happier now
The world is collapsing and soon there won't even be any food in the stores anymore. Is there even a future waiting for anyone working for them anymore?
If you aren't even going to have a future,if hyperinflation and the government/corpo's deliberate destruction of the food supply and disruption of supply lines is gonna starve you to death in the MAD MAX future we are facing......what's the point of being the servant of these evil pieces of shit?
I'm being serious what's the point if you're going to lose everything they are promising to give you anyways?
If you are some person living in the city or suburbs,you're money won't matter when hordes of starving idiots are carving you up for dinner. GTFO or you are screwed your corporate bosses will just move to their armed fortresses when SHTF and you'll be left with your ass hanging out in the wind,or hanging over an open fire when the ghetto commie retards run outta food and decide to....."eat the rich"

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DutchCobbler 6 months ago

The only point is to survive. Investing into our community now is investing into those that despise us.

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sauger1001 6 months ago

I have a feeling the sports leagues will be hiring more of these Karens as coaches. I expect more "Kyrie Irvings" walking away instead of playing the "woke" game.

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