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Who I Am As MGTOW Monk

Shadow Monk
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Published on 10 Mar 2020 / In Film & Animation

So as a fellow MGTOW Monk, Which I hate to admit but I do have a mild form of Autism which I would like to share a part of me that I wouldn't usually share with other people... Which I'm doing this as a way to reach out to those in need of my message of inspiration, motivation and healing also to all of you fellow brothers out there; Hopefully all of you probably have enjoyed this video, Love&Cheers gents ??

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Doggk 9 months ago

You're not an autist you're just an Introvert person... Autism is dirty word used by Extrovert people to designate and denigrate Introverts.. In order for them to feel better in their skin and splatter everyone who's not like them.. Don't let these basterds have control on your beliefs brother ! Use your common sense.. I can't stand the word Autism.. Because it's too often used to put the different ones on 1 boat.. I've met so much people who these stupid extroverts called "autists" and they had nothing to do with autistm.. Most of the time they are people just thinking differently and acting differently.. And honnestly spoken.. They are the only people that I really do appriciate and the people I protect from extroverts bullies ! Extroverts can jump off the cliff, I won't miss these bunch of sheeps... Keep your head up brother ! You're not alone ;-) DOGG'K

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