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White Woman Says Black Men Are Dead Beat Dads....AND THIS WAR HAPPENED!

Published on 24 Jan 2023 / In People & Blogs


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Avacados 11 days ago

Mud sharks are even more repulsive than their mixed race offspring. The fact is, blacks typically are dead beat dads and abandon their families. Blacks chase white women because they're more attractive than black women.

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sauger1001 11 days ago

Sorry, no offense, but the "Black Experience", as these broads portray, is highly over-rated. We should be practicing obedience to The Creator's Laws, not some superficial bullsh!t like worrying about the color of my daughter's $80 dolls. Total BS. JMO.

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Furioso 12 days ago

ALL men are dead beat dads ,narcissists ,misoginists ,toxic ,immature ,broke ... if they don't do what wahmen want/pass their shit tests .

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