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White People Are Not Going to "Save America"

Published on 19 Sep 2023 / In Film & Animation
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TripeSwing 3 months ago

I recall waiting tables at a busy San Francisco restaurant on a Saturday night in 1996 or thereabouts. The house was rockin', a converted old Victorian so not very big. At the height of the evening with 4 waiters practically running with hot food, there was a 30s-ish bespectacled white man with his infant just learning to walk in the middle of the busy floor, his adult hands just under the baby's arms as he waited for the toddler to take some baby steps. I'll never forget how oblivious & selfish this man was to his surroundings. The children of such men are now our administrators. Said baby is prolly one of them, that having been SF after all.

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 3 months ago

דורון פדר : Doron FDR

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Mustang 3 months ago

A6 neither will Tide Pod eating Generation Zeros and lazy, worthless Millennials!!!

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Ozmosis 3 months ago

Millennials are not gonna pay into your retirement funds so of course you entitled boomers are seething no more leeching of the younger generation boomer boy.

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