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Where's Being A DIK Pt. 38? I'll Tell You!

Published on 24 Mar 2023 / In Gaming

Game: Being A DIK (Patreon)

It will be up tomorrow with a NSFW banner. Make sure to change your content sensitivity settings in Bitchute in order to watch it!

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Damn. This is what happens when you catch up!?! Maybe, it's a blessing in disguise. I forgot the last Fresh Women I watched and am also catching up on Leap of Faith.... Well, I am glad you upgraded to a better harddrive. I just bought my fastest computer, a laptop no less, on Amazon in January-- it as a steal, but I was planning to buy a Steam Deck then. I finally saved up again to buy it now amidst some "car repairs," but now I am less than a hundred dollars from buying the 512 GB version and my predicted tax and shipping charges... damn. Got to wait anther two weeks and maybe pay taxes too!

I am way behind on my video production too-- been searching and trying new open source software-- I'm looking to definitely leave Windows once they stop supporting Win10 this May, 9th of May I believe. Oh, and for my videos, I am having trouble finding references I read or watched or lectures I attended in person and a particular image or two for sure! One of them is the Stone Age depiction of the Tree of Life Ashereh-- the ancient Hebrew depiction. I have the Egyptian and the later Canaanite (linked to witchcraft) depictions. There are still a book or three I need to buy and another one to three I need to read or reread... The sad part is my work schedule changed and I lost an hour for two days on my PT job, but the lost of that sleep is getting to me. Maybe, it'll ease up once it gets warmer and I do not need to sleep as much. I just hope our economy survives to 2024- err 2025! I do not know about you but I seem to be getting a lot curve balls lately!

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