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When You and Her Have Nothing To Talk About

Published on 27 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

00:00 - Intro
00:28 - So, What’s it like living with someone?
02:23 - “I have nothing to talk about with her”
03:42 - Distracted by routines
06:26 - I don’t get it
07:48 - Cold love
08:39 - Why even want a relationship if you’re unable to speak?
10:54 - Comments below, and join the channel :)

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spectre 2 months ago

like some people said in yt comments - it's what is in front of you or nothing. most men will take anything they can get because there is not much to get to begin with. also, people overrate m-f relationships. in the past women were never treated like these equal emotional partners. so just get over yourself and accept you are alone and always will be, even if you are not presently alone. humans are not social creatures by nature. we are individualists but were forced to socialize to survive. which is fine. but don't think that is who we are. we are loners. we use other people. we backstab out "friends". we betray our "lovers" and so on. we do not care about other people. even family members. accept the truth and move on with your life.

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