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When Women Date Woke Men | Popp Culture

Terrence Popp
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Published on 23 Oct 2020 / In Comedy

⁣What happens when agreement and bias are more important than reality?

It’s a red pill movie with Popp as an old wise chair. You can’t make this stuff up.
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bin4ry_d3struct0r 4 months ago

Why is this video in 360p here but in 1080p on YouSuck?

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jimbennett 4 months ago

Ever think about liberal position of open borders conflicts with liberal position of lesser polution? ,, i.e millions of immigrants driving every day in our country to build bigger houses for the wealthy..

   1    0
Hammerhead69 4 months ago

I have unfriended folks over politics as being told I'm evil better have nasty sex involved! The left makes me really pissed when they who know nothing tell me what's what when I been there and back.

   3    0
jeffclouser 4 months ago

I think she means that she wants a CUCK BOI !

   2    0
Alucard1776 4 months ago

I rather self-destruct then date this bitch

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 4 months ago

The bottom line: Women with Borderline Personality Disorder are not that appealing.

But if you must... practice for the relationship by walking on eggshells.

   2    0
doczg88 4 months ago

Don't date anything woke. Male or female.

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Fangs13 4 months ago

nowadays virginity is a virtue, dating is simply opening pandora's box, don't date at all, if you need libido just use a silicon doll, we have reached a point where almost .. living is not an option! because this hell is no longer worth living in. ... scratch that! living IS INDEED not worth it anymore! and death is more merciful. death to this entire race completely ... humans .. deserve what is happening to them. born from hell and to hell you shall return..

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harbinger 4 months ago

All those soy boys look the same

   3    0
LongRedRoad 4 months ago

very good and so funny,
thanks Popp I need funny

   1    0
Lucifer333 4 months ago


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Fullnoise 4 months ago

G'day Popps, hope you're doing well mate.

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