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When There Is No Help....

Published on 02 Jun 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Men are struggling more and more and yet they are told that their struggle is not worth taking seriously and worse that they are unworthy of help. Much of this comes down to negative effects of the Matthew Principle. At the same time, women are given far more aid and are praised for their purported achievements, which would have been impossible without being uplifted. This imbalance is not sustainable.

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Lorgar 4 months ago

Interesting, I see an Angron vs Gulliman parable here. Gulliman landed on a beautiful rich planet where people called him Great One and made him a king whereas Angron landed on a desert planet filled with gladiatorial arenas on which he was made a slave and had nails put into his brain.
If the Emperor hadn’t been that retarded and judged them both accordingly with their upbringings a lot of things could have been different.

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A very good discussion.

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