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When Boycotts Become Mancotts | Grunt Speak Live

Published on 23 May 2023 / In Comedy

Adidas, Target, and Ford (among others) have decided to join Anheuser-Busch on the path to self destruction. Drink to their demise tonight at 8pm EDT!
#GruntSpeakLive #GetWokeGoBroke #Mancotts

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downzeitor 10 days ago

a made in ch1na bike around 1:34:55, the imported Cherrys even the break pads torn appart by using/pumping the breaks on a regular setting...

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wigglewagon 10 days ago

I wouldn't marry a first time.

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Rickcoona 10 days ago

if blackbirds make black Babies and bluebirds make Blue babies, what bird makes NO babies?....... Swollows

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ShadowSonata 10 days ago

Get married? I'd sooner date an IRL yandere.

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Get remarried??? Are you out of your fucking mind?!!?

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