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Published on 02 Dec 2021 / In Science & Technology

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Go your own way guys..

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Duugus 2 months ago

We are not overpopulated. When the world hit 6 billion someone did the math on this. All six billion, if given 1200 square feet of living and crop space, it would cover a surface area just slightly larger than the state of Texas. Now go look at the globe.

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Doggk 2 months ago

The official number is not correct. Officialy we're 8 billion but in reality we're already 13 billion.. There's still place but the main problem is the resources earth produces.. big population + western capitalism idealism = explosive demand for resources.. Earth produces a limited amount of resources and the demand is explosive so we all know what is going to happen soon or later..

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mrghoster 2 months ago

It's not prediction, it's Pre-Planning and a part of this weird Cult is they HAVE to cover themselves by telling you what they WILL be doing. some of us monitored and watched, some of us prepared for the very situation we are now in. not with money or shit like that but I'm talking being Mentally Prepared for this, the biggest fear mongering LIE in Human history hasn't fooled m one bit from even DAY ONE. If all the SHEEP could put their fears to one side and don't continue to help these ASSHOLE propagate this lie then they will see that it is coming undone and unraveling for or oppressor's. I stopped a while back even taking notice of their BS rules and money making scam lies, because that is all it is? As long as they have control over your thinking your fear they will continue to thrive and you WILL fail. So stop fearing shit that isn't worth fearing and live your fucking lives people. nothing has happened to me. health wise I;ve had not even a cold since this shit started. don't EVER wear a mask or face covering, As for social distancing? I do that not because of a fake virus but because I don't want to Catch STUPID from the Masses of fucking MORON's out there. This planet seems to be going through a MASS Psychosis at the moment? Most of you CUNT's have had it to good for to long and forgotten about stress and stuff? Some of use however have had a crap life, some of us dropped out into this world DEAD and some ASSHOLE revived us to go on to live a pointless life that was rigged against you from the start regardless of your years of effort and involvement with that rigged system. Now I have NO DEBT, NO STRESS, NO PROBEMS worth talking about, I've never been so free because of a LIE! lol!

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