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What Steven Crowder (and Every Man) Can Expect During a Divorce | Live From The Lair

Published on 03 May 2023 / In Entertainment

First Sergeant Popp has a briefing for Mr. Steven Crowder regarding what he can expect from his divorce.
#TerrencePopp #DontGetMarried #CrowderDivorce

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remarksman 29 days ago

Good counsel from Popp for bluepill newbies like Crowder. He has a lot to learn, we shall see if he has the cojones to accept the truth.

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ErickRendoza 204
ErickRendoza 204 29 days ago

When you let women have too much rope to later hang yourself you paid for...... the court system will bend him over and say sir you may not have another lube and tube... An old Columbo show where a man took his wife soon to be a divorcee on a cruise ship the wife fell over board.... guy messed up because he was in us waters if i remember the show. too old to see all this invest in a dog vagina is not worth the hardships of all the bs even paid pussy you will be arrested by a female cop seen it all in my life. Ex gf of a man i knew was caught in a photo of him next to a weapon the man was a felon he was not allowed even to be in a house with a weapon in it. He had no idea and the photos were what 3 years old. Guy was a nice man women are vitious creatures why in old times women where hanged and shot for what they did to men. With child support i tell young men to look up their states DSHS there is a program put in your wage you will be making in the next say 5 years and what your then GF / WIFE makes and then you see what you will be fucked over giving her and the kids plus in a court a judge emotional towards a woman will give a little EXTRA... A dog 1000 dollars or more get the one you like i have a great pup now have had since i was single. What is dog food 100 a month shots and the dog will be there in your life and will die next to you a cat will eat your dead body happened to an older woman in ohio i think who had cats. Who knows you may find a GOOD woman who has a dog at a park and fall in love and invest in your hobbies learn new things endure on what you do not understand in life and learn law statues to never get into situations other men are brain dead in making attorneys are the life suck of idiocracy in a court room. Even great attorneys online will comment on bad attorneys AVVO on they are great people. I have experienced this in my life why I now study law always remember men RULE 412 the pre disposition of a womans past.

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KEEPER 29 days ago

i didn't even know you back then, you time traveling hog goblin! lol
it might be easier to live in your car as well as a tent.

depending on your location of course, if it's winter maybe sleeping in your car isn't too bad.

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KEEPER 29 days ago

i had to block that dude with the dog in his image, jesus that guy posts a lot of stupid shit lol.
nothing against him personally, but his comments are an annoyance to see.

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WMHarrison94 29 days ago

Damn... I bet your soldiers thank God (of Israel) every day for your stubborn ass! Too true. I am just wondering with these divorces being criminal and being getting ass raped, why aren't more of these lying whores, expires, well dead? It would definitely be cheaper... Are men so cucked to let these whore live because they filled her up with cum? Or is Big Government or The Big GAY trying to pedestal such incident for stealing our guns?

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