What really happened on 9-11 2001

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Published on 19 Sep 2020 / In Travel & Events

The truth of it Share if you care.

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Fangs13 1 month ago

"catastrophic events, and inhuman massacres, and always blaming your enemy for you own self made misery"
are all fashion in the political US.
1st ww with japan was planned and executed by the US own teachings for the japanese how attacking is the best way to defend yourself, and since the japanese were just escapinhg from the mongol invasion while the chinese fell, they just followed the US advice and attacked china, only for the US to strike at japan, so japan as self defense stuck pearl harber.
don't forget in the US it's always KILL THEN ask the questions. to get the alibi no survivors were found ... a culture that lives and dines on death, wars, blood spill, and money needs more sacrifices from the civilians cattle, small sacrifices for big gains....
nothing new.

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