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What If Women Watched My Channel?

Published on 20 Mar 2021 / In People & Blogs

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fltblk 2 months ago

that guy from 33secrets is a tool.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Like I’m always here through the brave browser here on my iPhone.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Those farel sharels would be throwing a serious hissy fit by now they haven’t already, They’re like ticking time-thots.


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Giridhar12345 2 months ago

Alexander beats around the bush with stats

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NotchLion 2 months ago

These Hoes ain’t Shit

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Black Pill Cipher
Black Pill Cipher 2 months ago

mr. metwally could you give your views on Kevin Samuels as well as the heads of the manosphere?

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Dajjal 2 months ago

You makw great content amr, keep it up

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Mgtow_economics 2 months ago

You're doing a great job, Amr. Mgtow.tv is a brilliant site. I'm on it probably more than YouTube these days. YouTube is constantly recommending me all sorts of Marvel & Hollywood crap.

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wildcat4mation 2 months ago

I think they do on youtube. They could be under male accounts.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Wahmin will avoid truth as much as they can. Your channel will denigrated as much as the sharmutas can.

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hqwebsite 2 months ago

Not only they are feral. They are also rabid.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 2 months ago

shamutra poonnani is so cheap that its not worth the doctor visit for a shot to cure the itchy/scratchy you will become the owner of........... you can go to prison based SOLELY on her lies..............medusa had nothing on modern shamutras

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