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What Fishing Can Teach Us About Female Hypergamy

Alpha Male Lifestyle
Published on 01 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs


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Hexeze 10 days ago

Dr dre and will smith are prime examples of betas when dealing with women

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fltblk 10 days ago

I love the analogies with women & animals, Jaws eating the swimmers is my favorite.

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wildcat4mation 7 days ago

T-REX is not there to eat females. Squirrels are not big enough to beat up beta males. XD

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ChadThundercock 10 days ago

Islam was really correct about women.

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wildcat4mation 7 days ago

Well, when a woman commits adultery EVEN AFTER she was brought up on the understanding that she was going to be stoned to death for committing the act...I mean got dang!

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barbarianmissionary 11 days ago

y0y y0 y0, holla bb. Como es? $carcitY mindzet, y0.

If you investigate the female psyche you will ultimately find that most women are just emotional about wealth, it is not linked very strongly to their hierarchical standing, well being or to power other needs of their character. That is the truth and and a very highly sub-communicated fact of the biological reality of the matter. In many ways that could actually mean that a woman is not really a hard core 'materialist', this is more of a myth than anything else. Of course women adore luxury, but like pasteurized milk or a car, the hardware and utility of a woman's appeal very quickly goes south when spoiled or driven hard because by acquiring luxury, women have reached their peak of accomplishments and it's downhill from there in all aspects, while men have to keep building in one way or another simply in order to survive long term.

Today these things really does not come into play because men today are generally in a miserably scarce situation when it comes to sex and they will do anything to get a glimpse of adherence which consequence is they do not care or discriminate against low quality women accordingly. Now, many of these mechanisms if society are on it's head because it is all meant to be intrinsically connected. -Simps of today will therefore drive or give away a million dollar car in order to drink or get a whiff of the milk that's gone real bad.

This and more is all linked to the trait that for women It is all about being perceived and adored, percieved as high class biological womb rather than actually "outperforming" other girls or actually taking genuine "care of a man". Women's only true wealth is looks plus youth in relation to men and general society. A goddess is a traditional designation of a role model for beauty, not brains and brawn. -Such traits have arguably not been selected for in women for quite some time..

With the fact in mind, today, for a rich man, that means he shouldn't necessarily have to transfer much wealth to the woman of his choice in order to enthrall her with his wealth or status, nor is money causal to beauty and youth for women in while for men, wealth is very often much more causal and key to actually exert legitimized power over other men. -Men are therefore, by genetic and societal design, also much more cooperative and morally sound than women in order to ensure the inherent interest of survival of their kind and protection of the common, values and laws of their creation, which other men with power also must abide in order to belong or to be destroyed. Comparatively in history, women in such context of hierarchical interest and placement have a track record next to that of children because "unfortunately" as a women you couldn't and should not both rule and physically protect a society while fulfilling your biological imperative.

That means you as a man should indeed just flash those chains, cars and condos, or whatever that you may have to make her "feel" the wealth and poiwer, but do not give her any significant possession of it. Now, a weak, pathetic man; a by-product of "good times" without a winning mentality, dick or balls will not, and is not meant to be able to resist a particular type of women for long because these people, who might have gotten rich quite easy, they will nevertheless fold under the collective pressure of natures demands unless they can transcend such, which they won't be able to besides watching Star Trek.

Ergo, they are not born leaders a.k.a true alpha males they like to watch on TV. These beta males will always fail, and their failures contributes significantly to raising women's collective expectations of the overall male weakness because women are the dumber and most typically unoriginal group thinkers of the sexes. That is why the ideal manosphere should be a counter movement of strong, principled or outright alpha males with one of it's goals is to get the simps out of the way and down the ladder. That means to basically both ridicule simps as much as possible and to smash and dash those gone wild women who's priority is to gain access and possess the wealth and power of men. If the typical simp is challenged, then that is progress for all of men. A typical scenario of game theory and the Nash equilibrium of most utility.

Women are by nature not as inclined towards forward thinking anyway except for their maternal instincts. All the aforementioned arguments entails the fact that women are very much made to endure harsh times and should be under much harder selection than they've been for the last 70 years. Women are the ultimate coping and adaptive creatures of "mother" nature, but we dropped the ball; gynocentrism and feminazism obliterated women scarcity-thinking trough e.g chronic consumerism and existential entitlement movements who's only endemic content is negligence and decadence. Many women today have thus been corrupted beyond their use and graciousness and basically reduced to a insatiable whore of "modernity".

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Delilah Despised
Delilah Despised 11 days ago

I thought all the fish were out riding bicycles AML

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Zerofucks 11 days ago

Not wrong. Try Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hooks when you are fishing for actual fish, they are great.Not shaking those fuckers out.

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