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What Edward Snowden just said about Bitcoin is SHOCKING, pay attention! _ Redacted News

Published on 01 Mar 2024 / In News & Politics

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Edward Snowden predicts that some government is buying up Bitcoin on the sly as a replacement for monetary gold. Could it be the U.S.? The U.S. sure does have a dodgy history of the currency behind the dollar!

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Never_Again 1 month ago

The Monetary "Faith" in the United States of America, Inc. is through the FACT we the People Own One Share EACH of the #Bitch & All Her #Puppies along with ALL Their Investments. ALL Investments We Own One Share Each.

Look Up & Study Your State, County, City, Court, School District, Parks & Recreation, Ect. Corporate Yearly *REQUIRED* CAFR & Then The Wonder [if any] Why the Rest of the World Governments Hates Us Will Be Clear.

Back During Bam-Bams 1st Term I Did a Deeper Dive Than Usual & Found Two Different Numbers, One was ~84% the Other ~86% of Majority Stock / Shares of ALL Corporations of the World We The People Own Through The #Bitch Corp & The #Puppies.

The *Trick* is to Take Control of YOUR One Share. It IS Doable. You WILL BE SCRUTINIZED If You Dare Step Up But Most Do Not Give a #Shit & Just Continue To #Bitch & #Moan All Their Life.

Holy Fuck That Saying Back When I Was Younger in the '60s' / '70s', 98% of the Worlds Population is Controlled by the Other 2% is NOT True Today. It Is More Like 0.75% Due To Self-Serving Ass Nut Ways of Thinking & Living. ie: My Shit Don't Stink But Yours Certainly Does Type of Bull Shit. Good Luck with that.

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Councilof1 1 month ago

I watched a documentary on Bitcoin on YouTube about four years ago. And the oldest mention of Bitcoin they found was in a NSA white paper entitled "Digital Currency" from 1996. I'm not saying no such agency was behind it but it's an odd thing.

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