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West misleading people with info about Russia - surrendered American fighters to RT

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Published on 18 Jun 2022 / In News & Politics

Two American nationals have told RT that they surrendered to Russian forces after being abandoned by their Ukrainian commanders. The pair told veterans like them to “think twice” before making the trip to Ukraine.

Details: https://on.rt.com/by1o


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sauger1001 2 months ago

There was an incident back in the '90s, during the Clinton presidency, where an Army (or Marine) Corporal refused to wear the blue helmet of the U.N. on a so called "peacekeeping" mission. At least to a certain extent, he was red pilled. I don't know WTF these guys were thinking. More of the guys today are so fvcking emotionally unstable from their upbringings, it's almost child's play for the Feds to manipulate them, much like the shooters in Uvalde, Buffalo, Orlando and Broward County, FL. Study the Bible. JMO.

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