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Welcome to Burger King: Iraq War Part 2 of 3 | Live From The Lair

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Published on 22 Aug 2021 / In Comedy

⁣More pictures from Popp’s tour of the Iraq War, with a hint of more supernatural stories yet to come!
#IraqWar #WelcomeToBurgerKing #ArmyStrong

Brought to you by Dr. B. Real’s series on “Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism”
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Featuring music by TeknoAXE’s Royalty Free Music

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Just a thought... If the enemy wanted to shoot up the parachutists, on the way down, there is nothing better than a giant parachute above them to give their position away.

How come the parachutes are not made out of something clear-ish and non gloss?

Thinking in mathematical terms, the drop is supposed to be at a fair altitude for the aircraft to avoid most small arms fire...

AND the drop time is supposed to be at as short as reasonably possible for a maximum survivability and the minimum air time.

BUT I reckon that some smart shooters with low power scopes and ranged out to 500 meters, spread every 200 meters along the line of the drop, with 200 rounds in semi auto, could pick off 15 - 20 jumpers each.

It's a window if properly utilised, circumstances permitting, where the parachutes ought to be almost transparent.... Why the combat parachutes are not made of cellulose based materials instead of synthetics is beyond me - they basically are disposable items that only have to survive one jump...

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IN the Victoria Markets, Melbourne Australia - they had all these food vendor vans, and some of them had a reputation for discraceful FOOD HYGENE.
You know, the germy hamburgers, in a germy van food preparation are, that were made at say 10am, and they were kept at a nice warm germ warfare production temperature of around body heat, for the next 8 hours.... and then at the end of the day when your hungry and about to leave, "Yeah I will have the hamburger with the lot thanks".

20 minutes later - blast shitting liquid out your arse....

The council eventually got rid of the dead shit filthy van owners....

Implemented some food standards...

And people stopped getting so fucking SICK.

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