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⁣We Already Tax the Rich | Grunt Speak Highlights

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Published on 29 Sep 2021 / In Comedy

Democrats don’t understand economics, so pay attention.

#GruntSpeakLive #TaxtheRich #Bidenomics
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slapmonkey 16 days ago

After this garbage ends and the dust settles, she won't be able to get a job running a lemonade stand.

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edyounot 18 days ago

That top 50% that earned 88% of the income gets special treatment from the local community all the way up to the Federal. So, fuck them let them pay more, because we the minions pay with our lives.

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jim bennett
jim bennett 19 days ago

you guys sound really stupid playing semantic games,, not counting social security which pays for all welfare..
capital gains are exempt from social security tax. talk that rich man bullshit.. c'mon.

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Wahmen and Colored People means above the Law; WASP Male means 'Rich'. Wesley only saw time because he fought sweetheart deals that White Celebrity Tax Thieves never, ever, get offended: repeatedly! Towards the end, even his lawyers were begging him to take the deal!!

When I had to declare bankruptcy, after I went through almost a year of savings, following my final injuries worsening, Lois Lerner Audited me 4 times because I had emailed my then Congressman Steve Scalise and he was a member of the Tea Party! The proven tax thieve Welfare Scammers right up the road where automatically offered a reduction in 'benefits' and "time served"! Guess what demographics??

But this is fair, right? Not like any whiteboys grew up near 8 Mile, right?!

But AOC is somehow a Millionaire without question, because "she's oppressed"... Right?

My point: thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy Guys! Keep up the Excellent work!!

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Hobgoblin 19 days ago

Great video guys.

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