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Watch What Happens When She Realizes Men Are Easy To Please

Published on 01 May 2024 / In Entertainment
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usr6874038614 1 month ago

Amazing but true, tiktok can have some genuine good use : gentlemen, if your your simping instinct starts creeping up, watch some of those "What's the most toxic thing you've done" tiktoks; you'll realize how good life is outside of the minefield.
6:00 : the feminists from the 60s have admitted that all they preached were lies. They admitted that their feminism is only applicable to women between 18-30 years old, but it leaves the rest of their lives in shambles. So it's no wonder that at 30 (some) women start to see the light. Unfortunately they are now stuck with the life that they have created from this ideology, while their competition is a decade younger and siphoning away all possible partners. So feminism is basically a distraction ideology that keeps women on a side-track in life until it's too late. Depopulation anyone?
7:30 : Excuses, excuses. She smiles because finally someone catches her on the truth.
8:05 : Layah talks facts. Most men need 1 woman to get their needs met, while most women need an entire village to get their needs met.

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3:37 - That loud mouth entitled bitch...... She is a fucking free loader..... A money sponge.

Not only has not got nothing to say except shit, she is also an entitled idiot.

Get rid of her.

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TripeSwing 1 month ago

chick in 1st 5 minutes is a solid 3. her legs are all blotchy and she's shaped like a toe

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