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Watch The Temperature Fall By 40 Degrees By Driving From Las Vegas To Los Angeles


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Published on 19 May 2023 / In Travel & Events

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We get pretty savage temperature drops in the desert - especially on cold snow kind of weather and a clear night - it drops from 16*C to 3*C in 4 hours...

One of my favourite hobbies is watching clocks and gauges.....

Depending upon the location and season - with shallow valleys and small hills - riding a motor bike - can be fun - riding through the NICE warm hill at the tops of the hills and then into the icy cold air in the valleys...

Yes AIR temperature can vary tremendously and very quickly.

One place I camped in - was in a valley that had a big collection area, and the cold night air came down and into the collection area, and it ran down the valley like a flash flood... cold air sinks and the more there is the more it flows etc., and so there was a strong breeze of COLD air running down this valley where I was, only there was no wind on the night.....

AIR or the atmosphere is an incredibly dynamic space to be in.

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