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Wasteland Waifu Chronicles: The Boom Slayer

T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 29 Sep 2020 / In Gaming

⁣It's time for Celestina to save Social Security and Medicare.

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Tbush 1 year ago

You can get House to spare the Kings if you incite a war between them and the NCR. If you get Pacer to kill the NCR during the standoff, the Kings will fight the NCR during Hoover Dam, proving their loyalty to Vegas (and by extension House). Hopefully you haven't done the Kings quest yet that way you can get the perfect true House end

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Shrapnel_Cannon 1 year ago

Jumped to part of this and was laughing LMAO
Knock knock boomers
Okay, I will definitely watch and enjoy these new Wasteland Waifu videos
Haven't gotten around to it yet, always listening to so much TFM

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JustinPeanuts 1 year ago

When large scale welfare was first introduced in the 1960s the were some who said that it would lead to inter generational warfare when the young people realised that the older generation had robbed them. This prediction of what welfare would lead to was dismissed as being a crackpot idea at the time. The 2020s are going to be very interesting times. The protests and riots that are currently erupting around the western world could be just the start.

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Pariah 1 year ago

Wow, TFM gave Celestina the meltdown perk? Try not to shoot anything that's close to you unless you waant your legs blown off as well lol. I love the perk too, great fun.

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AvyScottAndFlower 1 year ago

Wow, that game has it all (if only the original dialogue was like that)

Last week/this week the quarantine is "officially over"

Meaning, people are done with just staying as home, and ,(at least locally) the press crying 150/200 (Boomers) dead in a day has ceased to have the effect it had
It has become the 'new normal';
Even for the Boomers!

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RoboCat 1 year ago

Fucking boomers. They got what they deserved.

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Lucifer333 1 year ago


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Gorebane 1 year ago

That was greatness.

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Lucifer333 1 year ago

wasteland, dumb game,

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big_brain_nibba 1 year ago

Fallout New Vegas will always be my fav Fallout game tbh. Fallout 2 was ok, but I never quite liked that old school RPG gameplay as much, and Wasteland was hard to even get into lol

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Lucifer333 1 year ago

@big_brain_nibba: I like the story line, like for 10 min, I think its unrealistic, if this all really happened the NCR would have been neo roman empire 2.0 and enslaved the barbarians and shove civilisation down their fucking bearskin wearing throats

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ToeKnives 1 year ago

Chainsaw go Vrrrrrrr

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OlDirtyBazturd 1 year ago

For "not a savage", that was pretty savage.

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UnwillingVillian 1 year ago

I have to admit, that was more entertaining than watching an abreviated version of the Boomers quests. The real world political analogies were fucking funny too.

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