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#WasteHerTime (Karma is Real)

フクロウ Fukurō
Eren Kruger
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Published on 24 Oct 2020 / In Comedy

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AntiCuck1982 4 months ago

That's why i say , don't pay attention to those cunts , they self destroy

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Such a Shame
Such a Shame 4 months ago

Women spend everybody's time with so much useless and wrong things...

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NIETZSCHINHO 4 months ago

the wall

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Ultra Chad
Ultra Chad 4 months ago

it's always unforgiving hahaha

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cth96190 4 months ago

Women either rejected me straight up (which I preferred) or wasted my time during my teens, 20s and into my 30s.
Now, some bitches complain that men are wasting the female’s time, or not approaching at all.
How is #wastehistime working out for you, bitches?
I gave up wasting my time on females years ago.
Life is busy and difficult enough without having to deal with head case cunts who think that it is funny to waste the time of a man who was (emphasis on WAS) looking for someone to love.
ER spoke the truth.

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