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WARNING "Nice Guys": Former Carousel Riders Are Now Looking for You!

Published on 30 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

In this video we explore the dangers of getting in a committed relationship with women who have ridden the proverbial "🐓carousel". After years of being repeatedly "pumped and dumped" during their late teens and 20s, these women then set their sights on gullible "nice guys" who will marry them and provide them social legitimacy and financial stability. They often use sex to lure in the poor unsuspecting "nice guy" then once they get a ring on their finger, they quickly back off the sex and treat the "nice guy" like a brother, father or roommate at best and not like a passionate lover. Stay away from these women, as they are human garbage. A number of marriages where former "carousel riding" women settle for "nice guys" eventually end up with her cheating and then proceeding to divorce.

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hndsoff 2 months ago

the best part is dont settle and continue having relationships thus enabling the carousal on both sides, but ofc women always have to say yes 99% of the time. Glad for vaccines, and our owners, we thank you for sterilizing us as clearly we are too stupid to manage anything on our own. Ofcourse our owners screwed us by giving us "civilization" and making us soft and pliable but thats a separate issue.

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sauger1001 2 months ago

That's like calling a "no longer active duty" US Marine, a "former" Marine. No such thing.

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bigintol03 2 months ago

That was my greatest dream in high school, to join the Marines, lost 130lbs, got in shape and flat feet ended up keeping me from enlisting!

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If your getting hooked into these bullshit addictive relationships - learn how to get out and stay out.





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