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‘War dogs descending directly from the sky’ – viral video shows off robot war dog airdrop

Published on 30 Oct 2022 / In News & Politics

It’s like taking the dog for a walk, Skynet style.

A viral video, created by a Chinese arms manufacturer, shows a drone dropping off a mysterious package and flying off, only for the package to sprout four legs, a heavy machine gun, and begin searching for a slice of humanity to destroy.

The video was accompanied by a post from the sinisterly-named ‘Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing,’ boasting of how their ‘war dogs’ descend from the sky to ‘launch a surprise attack, or can be placed on the roof of the enemy.’

Unless there’s some sort of mechanical cat there to fight with the robot hound.

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Toki 3 months ago

So are the US elites using drones now to replace soldiers? I've been waiting for this so I can finally prove to my ignorant voting parents that the Gov is the devil. Made in China you say. But American elites support China more than the US tax serfs. The face mask was a weapon for example. To hurt people mentally and in some cases physically. Face masks benefits the CCP and prison slave economy of Chinese workers.
The best part though is how the Us Gov will begin to eliminate the role of the overpaid Gov soldier mercenary.
But in the end these robotics will be used to genocide the majority of Earth's tax serfs everywhere. Every country. If your own Gov doesn't do it then the US or China will send them in to destroy everyone. They already use illegal surveillance to spy on everyone like prison slaves. But if I follow people around and record them I get arrested right?

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