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Wake Up and Smell the Hypocrisy | Popp Culture

Terrence Popp
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Published on 20 Mar 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣The truth about virtue signaling is that it’s a mask to cover up crimes, immorality, and sometimes pure evil.

Brought to you by “Curse of the High IQ”

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AlexCaz75 1 month ago


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NullandVoid 2 months ago

Darwin....Mother Nature ....They state that Equality is a Social Construct....Equality/Superiority cant be Dictated...Declared...Demanded or
Legislated....It can only be Demonstrated......and we know who has Demonstrated their Superiority to all others../Space Ghost...

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RoboCat 2 months ago

The title is wrong but the message is right.

It's not "hypocrisy", it's deceit/subterfuge. There was a war happening for the past couple of decades but one side refused to even recognize that a conflict was going on. This gave the leftists free reign given that they had no opposition. Playing to win is not hypocritical. They are hypocrites though, but not because of their seeming inconsistency.

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 2 months ago

Wow, first Popp Culture vid in a while!

   1    0
SpurNine 2 months ago

Communists and Fascists are two groups with different opinions that don't work well together. Trying to lump them together will do us no good.

   0    0
QDLLC 2 months ago

Perhaps, but if you study history, communists and fascists used the same techniques and were ideologically identical in many ways. Hitler’s regime were “national socialists.”

   0    0
SpurNine 2 months ago

@QDLLC: I'm pointing out that Popp's claims of hypocrisy is based on combining opinions from different groups.

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Defundthehoes 2 months ago

@QDLLC: Well the Nazi Party was formed because of the Socialist Democratic Party of Germany which was Marxist, amazing how true Fascism tends to follow the socialist parties, eh? But history can't possibly repeat itself right? The people that try to divide others in the media and mind-fuck normal Americans into hate crimes must be out of their fucking minds. No one wants Nazi America, and no one wants America brought to you by Jozef Stalin either.

   0    0
Defundthehoes 2 months ago

This conflict with communists vs capitalists has literally happened before, it was called the Berlin Wall, which separated east and west Germany trying to keep communists and capitalists separated.

   0    0
Alucard1776 2 months ago

If something happens what is the possibility of the sheeple'S survivability

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Menwalkaway 3 2 months ago

Pretty clear women Hate all Men, it's Time to walk away.
It is 2021 The Majority of Women Hate Men (HINT. All Whamen)
#metoo #timesup #killallmen #killallwhitemen #yesallmen
4th wave Feminist Hate all men and boys cult Religious War on Men.

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fishandchicks 2 months ago

The Hegelian Dialectic
- problem, reaction, solution
I think we can agree that the Kung-Flu Hoax was a deliberate diversion to control the narrative of a predetermined global deflationary event. (The Great Reset)

Which had everything to do with a collapsing global fiat system, and if left to
decompose naturally whole governments around the world would have been toppled.

This is a False Flag providing cover for the collapse of the global fiat system.
Yes, the virus is real. However, the coordination of the media & our politicians to over-hype the reality of its effects is no more than a ploy...

This is a simple fear porn story being played out for the public's benefit...

What they don't know will not hurt them, so let them bicker amongst themselves while
the plantation masters build an even more impressive jail to keep and train the

I am pretty sure this was the plan from the beginning... fiat has only ever run
for 45 years, and we are at the end of this ride...

Why this link changed I have no idea - Please take a look

   3    0
eldrazi317 2 months ago

The link doesn’t work. Just says 404–was the video removed? And if so, what was the video about?

   1    0
fishandchicks 2 months ago

@eldrazi317: https://www.mgtow.tv/v/eYR5WN

   1    0
sauger1001 2 months ago

Pretty bad when breathing your own CO2 gets you high. No doubt democrooks are doing this. Can't give them enough face diapers.

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