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Waiting for God to bring the right man

Published on 30 May 2023 / In Non-profits & Activism

what these women don't realize is that every man that they even countered God put them in their lives

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I went to bed listening to your story and woke up thinking of this song....

LAY DOWN Melanie & The Edwin Hawkins Singers LIVE '70 (Candles In The Rain)

Yeah it's hard to get through a mistake free life but cutting the duds loose promptly and without regret is a necessary skill.

Sounds like you have gone into situations, learned and then made the appropriate decisions.

SOME of what is in the AA basic text is good information.
Some of it is outright bullshit...
But good information is good information - regardless of who it was written by or when it was written.

"A business which takes no regular inventory usually goes broke.
Taking a commercial inventory is a factfinding and a fact-facing process.
It is an effort to discover the truth about the stock-in-trade.
One object is to disclose damaged or unsalable goods, to get rid of them promptly and without regret.
If the owner of the business is to be successful, he cannot fool himself about values."

I might be running across Blondo - and I used to like her on the basis that she was attractive and friendly and she was someone I looked forward to running into on those long and lonely old trips.

Turns out that if you lightly scratch the surface and put in her in any position other than her saccharine face play acting routine, of NO ENGAGEMENT - underneath the cake up is a purely selfish and deceitful cunt.

AND her habitual attitude, determines the kind of faces she pulls, and what lines get impressed into her face as she ages....

And daym! She is an ugly woman with an ugly attitude, pulling an ugly face....

So the need now is to just avoid her and steer clear of her.

Instead of being enthused about running into her and chatting for a few minutes here and there....


That is about all she deserves....

The lying and the deceitfulness and all that...

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I know this chick - can't remember her name or channel....

Emma, Emily or something....

She was nice enough and religious and all that...

But she was brainwashed with religious shit... and all the dumb chicks adored her.

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TheRedKnight 4 months ago

Oh boy I've seen her videos. Lol

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