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Waifus vs. Summer Skate Babes

Joe Kerr
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Published on 25 Jun 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣I'd rather be with a doll than with a fickle girl any day. Dolls and waifus trends are rising. Also, shout out to the red pill , MGTOW men and TFM.
Songs from Mills Brothers and Unknown Hinson
Hope you enjoy!

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Bagoodman 6 months ago

Hay Joe my young MGTOW Brother . Back in the OLD old Days the 1970's Women liked to be women ! We had a saying the 4 F's ( Find-um Feel-um Fuck- um And forget um . Music was good ( see wood stock ) No STD to speak of . A lot of smoke LSD Red's to go low cross tops to speed up . ....Booz a Plenty a party or a concert every weekend I wish you could go back in time and see it for yourself . I would like to go back myself ! NOW I think i will have to look into the doll thing ....I'm Old but not Dead ! It's a 21st century Thing . And i will try anything ONCE .

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