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Violence Against Women FINALLY an MP tells the Truth

Published on 01 Jul 2022 / In Film & Animation

46.8% of all murdered children murdered by women. More men are murdered than women. This is the Truth but the Feminist movement is desperate for the public to think that Domestic Violence is always female victims and male offenders. Pauline Hanson has finally spoken the truth about what Domestic Violence is. The media is also desperate for the public to think that Domestic Violence is always women as victims and men as perpetrators and that is why they cover the Rowan Baxter Murders but not the Katie Perinovic murders.

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Bleblee 2 months ago

double standard is Australia law

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Heavyhand 2 months ago

And this was white people doing the killing?

Yeah……….I would that totally disproportionate statistic to founding stock Australians against others.

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I have no idea.... I listened to the broadcast a LONG time ago, came across it again, reposted it.... The racial issue - I dunno.... Australia is full of everyone from every country so I don't think it really matters... I think the issues are that a lot of women are absolutely rotten cunts and they lie their arses off about everything - including statistics, and Pauline Hanson stands up, calls them out on their crap, by telling the truth...

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