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VIDEO: Bill Gates Called Out For Vaccine Mass Murder By World Leaders

Published on 25 Mar 2023 / In Film & Animation

Alex Jones breaks down the victory of Bill Gates being held accountable by world leaders for pushing deadly vaccines around the globe.

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A 4 meter deep by 500 meter long mass grave - line them all up on the side and get a jeep with a water cooled machine gun and a 10,000 round ammo box and just mow them all down.

Fuck them - and be done with it.

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Straven 2 months ago

Agreed, better then years of bullshit 'trying to prove them guilty' while crooked lawyers cover for them.

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@Straven: Make the trench 10 x as long - to fit all the lawyers in as well.

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joolco22 2 months ago

Why is this piece of crap still walking the earth??? And fuck the Rockefellers

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