Utterly pathetic! ?

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Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In Film & Animation

Some SHITTY home truths are beginning to seap out of the backside of UK politic's and they expect Us to follow their Mandates? FUCK OFF! Nopefully Bonkers Boris has fagged his last crumpet and like all Etonians get's one last debagging and Wanked off by the whiole cabinet as an Etonian Bye bye prezzy! lol! Hopefully the spoiled child with the nice toy he broke (the UK) will be spanked and sent to bed early! lol! This prick will go down in history as probably the worst politician of all time? the trouble is what sort of PSYCHOPATH ewill replace the PRICK? I doubt it will be someone who will finish the covid SCAM, and refuse to be bought off and I guess they will lie as that seems to be the Status Quo in politioc's these day's doesn't it?

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