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Using Women's Tricks Against Them - MGTOW

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Published on 22 Dec 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Krampus and here's what he briefly has to say: "Hey Sandman, the great emancipater of men. Could you please give your thoughts on how men like myself are starting to play the exact same games that women play when dating? Why is this happening and what impact do you think this will have on relationships if this trend continues?" Well Krampus thanks for the donation and topic. I hope that you spoil some sluts Christmas. Playing psychological games is not strictly something that women do. But in an increasingly gynocentric world men don't have the ability to confront women directly about their misdeeds so we are increasingly forced to become like politicians when it comes to women. We are learning how to lie and keep a straight face. Whenever I've done this I've seen shock and horror once women realize it. Not lying directly per se. But behaving normally when you plan on ending a relationship when you've already planned your escape and she has no idea. Then when you spring the news they are shocked because they never saw it coming. Only when looking back can they now finally see the signs. A couple of women did this to me and I returned the favor. Why would I inflict the same pain women inflicted on me onto other women? I'll discuss this and more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyways, now back to clown world. So why are men taking on more feminine modes of thinking and behavior when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex? Camile Paglia explained this best in a video I put in the description when she had a conversation with Jordan Peterson. She said that when two men have dispute they would step outside the bar and have a fight and then go back insides as buddies as if nothing had happened. But when a man has a dispute with a woman in the workplace or in his personal life he can't hit her like men seemed to do in every new show set in the 1950s or 1960s. So men have no choice but to gaslight, be passive aggressive and learn to do what women have had to do to get their way with men throughout the ages. I've read articles where women would complain that men were being mean and nasty to them by mentally or emotionally manipulating them and they want men to stop and not be allowed to do that. But the thing is if men were forced to stop behaving like this then women would also be revealed as being evil puppet masters pulling tampon strings behind stage. I'm thinking that by complaining they are just hoping that the individual men reading such articles change their behavior since most men's biology is all about making sure that the world is safe and conformable for women. But I've seen men increasingly taking on feminine traits like gaslighting. Where wives and girlfriends would ask them to do something and they would do a terrible job and their significant other would lose their minds while the man was laughing inside at all the emotional abuse he just caused. I've said before that the secret to a happy relationship is to make sure your partner is more miserable then you are. The secret to a happy life is not to get into relationship in the first place. So men are gaslighting, mowing the lawn and then when the wife complains the guy says well if you're not happy with the job I did and appreciate all the hard work I put in then you mow it yourself. But the guy intentionally did a bad job so he could make that statement. A wife that is spiteful about having to cook dinner all the time in the 1960s might make the same statement after her husband complained about how the food she prepared for dinner was terrible.

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Username 2 months ago

Men conquered the physical space, and will be the explorers and conquerers of the psychological and spiritual as well.

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Sir 2 months ago

This video Represents a Comment I left on one of Sandman's Videos, ( " My Wife Cheated So I Arranged A Divorce "), 10 days ago. And I Believe it's noteworthy to partially Repost it here for others and here it is ...

"Some of the things I Advocate Men do If and/or Whenever they're Dealing with Women is to Adapt some of the " Women's Behaviors / Tactics " and Apply them to All women. Unless they eventually Prove themselves to be some Unicorn ( Good luck with finding one of those).


Use Deception when plausible
Be an Opportunist ( Use Women if you see a Beneficial Opportunity with minimal risks too you)
All Women are Guilty until Proven Innocent ( Automatically Trust None of them)
Be Pretentious and tell them what they want to Hear to Serve Your Purposes
Spend Very little Money on Them where possible
Plan your Escape if You're in a Bad Relationship or Marriage ( Stash Assets / Finances elsewhere)

These above are just a few Fundamental Examples of Women's behaviors to utilize against them. Although there are likely more. And I strongly Suggest Guys Implement the above Tactics if they're still Dating or in some sort of Relationship with a Woman to level the Playing field at least Equally or even perhaps to the Man's Advantage."

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UnwillingVillian 2 months ago

I agree with what you said as far as how to play the game, but I still think Joshua (the A.I. character in War Games) has it right "Strange game, the only winning move is not to play."

   4    0
Sir 2 months ago

@UnwillingVillian: True. However, as I stipulated, " Implement the above Tactics (( if they're still Dating OR in some sort of Relationship with a Woman ))".

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TommyLeeBones 2 months ago

Sandman is a prophet of Mgtow. Look for (Think Before You Sleep) on bitchute. He's a prophet too.

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CanberraMGTOW 2 months ago

Works well in family court and child support too.

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MikeHappy67 2 months ago

Yes I concur with Al Bundy, funny true and enlightening.

   3    0
MrA_H0Ie 2 months ago

Al Bundy was always right.

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 2 months ago

Very good strategy.

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Duugus 2 months ago

I must have missed something, Is Sandman really doing Brave browser ads again or is it just till the end of the month?

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zdoctor 2 months ago

i hate to say this but when i found out they were manipulating with out me knowing it made me pretty upset that they would do that. it had taken me some time to realize im doing everything yet paying for everything as well. and yet she still tried to make me feel guilty for not taking her to a better place. i dont do anything like that anymore . i had to stay single because i didnt like the games. this was the best move i ever made. just walk away was my only option. best thing i ever did.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Used to string them along and get my stuff out before the blow up. Even get a lay or BJ for the road.

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