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US State Department claims America’s done the most to build STABILITY in the Middle East

Published on 16 Mar 2023 / In News & Politics

Ned Price, US State Department Spokesperson, has made a bizarre claim that no country has played such a major role as America, in building stability in the Middle East – despite a long history of invading and helping topple governments in the region.

Meanwhile, a real stabilizing peace deal in the region has been brokered by China, between Iran and Saudi Arabia, to resume diplomatic relations which have been on the rocks since the 1980's.Meanwhile, a recent study has shown that US interventions are increasingly aimed at the Middle East and Africa. 

Host of 'The Whistleblowers', John Kiriakou, tells us that such frequent U.S. military interference has pushed nations closer to China.

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BioWeapanSurvivor 1 year ago

No wonder the rest of the world is ganging up to fuck us in the ass. What drug founded blue blood University produced this fool.

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BenjaSariwatta 1 year ago

china doesn't invade? ever heard the war of the heavenly horses in Alexandria eschate? OR Tibet? china have expanded many times. Yunnan, guangxi use to belong to the tai tribe. What's going on in arunachal pradesh?

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