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Ukrainians demand to ban the use of depleted uranium ammunition

Published on 28 Mar 2023 / In News & Politics

'No valuable equipment is worth harming humanity due to the military use of uranium' - Ukrainians demand that the government refrain from using highly toxic depleted uranium because of the danger it poses to the environment


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Using Depleted Uranium.

Kill Everyone involved in doing this.


Kill everyone, making, manufacturing, transporting, profiting, selling, authorising, obeying orders, distributing, loading, firing and using these munitions - and all the stock holders profiting from these weapons - etc..

Kill Everyone involved in doing this.

Iraq's Deadly Legacy - the effects of depleted uranium munitions upon everyone. It's nasty - really nasty.

"DEADLY DUST" (2007) Ammunition with Depleted Uranium - German with US subtitles

John Pilger on depleted uranium from Iraq to Ukraine, with Phil Miller

How does Tank Armor and Ammunition work?

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