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Ukrainian Men Die In War & Women Twerk On Their Graves - MGTOW

Published on 21 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Roger. He didn't give me a topic so I wanted to cover a story called: "Two sisters could be jailed for filming themselves twerking by the graves of Ukrainian soldiers as they visited the cemetery where their father is buried" Here's what the article says and I quote: "Two sisters whose father was killed defending Ukraine against the Russian invasion are facing jail after filming themselves dancing and twerking by the graves of fallen soldiers. Amid furious backlash over the footage, the twerking pair defended themselves, claiming their late father would have found their antics funny. But the sisters eventually admitted they were wrong and that the video was inappropriate. Police confirmed the two unnamed girls will be charged with desecrating a grave, and could now face up to five years in prison. Phone footage showed the two young sisters - dressed in black crop tops and skin-tight shorts - doing a dance while standing between soldiers' graves adorned with flowers and the Ukrainian flag. One of the girls is first seen putting the phone down to record next to the soldiers' graves before she then begins swaying with her arms in the air. Her sister, who appears to be talking on her phone, then joins and is seen twerking in front of the camera. Local law enforcement eventually saw the footage after the girls shared it on Instagram, where it generated widespread outrage. Ukrainian Police then tracked them down in less than an hour and they were detained. Following the strong reaction, one of the sisters took to social media to apologize, saying: 'My sister and I apologize. We honor every fallen soldier for our homeland. 'We visited the grave of our fallen father, who died near Izium. Unfortunately, it was not very correct to post this kind of video, although we did not intend to defame heroes.' She said she and her sister thought her dad would have found the video and dancing humorous. We didn't see anything wrong at the time, but now we regret it.' unquote. I say send them to the front lines as their dancing might stun the Russian Troops into surrendering. This is the sort of western non sense that Putin is trying to keep out of Russia. What I find funny in an NPC kind of way is that these women couldn't take complete accountability for their actions by saying that their father would have found it funny and that they didn't know it was morally wrong at first.

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Mgtow 3p0 Briffault gwelv

"Save Me?"

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sbseed 3 months ago

i think it is hilarious on so many levels...
first you have an area that used to belong to russia thinking they are somehow independent when they are owned by the global cabal....
second you have whores being stupid in a place where anything remotely out of place is dealt with harshly because ;muh woke global agenda' horseshit...
finally because the whores where stupid enough to put up the video somewhere where the thugs masquerading as police could see it and threatening them with who knows what...

where these whores raised in america!

oh the irony is thick and pungent.

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Lucifer333 3 months ago

This shows that global no no is everywhere

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Freeballstits 3 months ago

Russia has plenty of feminism. They don't care about family values conservative traditional

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Lucifer333 3 months ago

I tried to wife a Russian wife up (I live in EU and it was back in 2010-2012), many were mail order brides, but since I lived in Switzerland 5'10, 161k a year I thought it would be easy, NONE of these women were wify material, back then I could have travelled to a small (medium) sized village but most hotties as soon as they get internet they know their market place value and get flown out to dubai/singapore/europe, most of the women on these marriage sites where 18-27 (I would say most of them single mothers)

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zdoctor 3 months ago


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hqwebsite 3 months ago

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