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UCW Show #96- Roe v Wade: How Feminism Ended America

Undead Chronic
Undead Chronic
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Published on 13 May 2022 / In Comedy
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ShadowMonk 13 days ago

Remember America was the very first free country, Four things that the fallen world hated about free speech free spirituality free will and equal justice and opinion, most of the world was controlled by the Catholic Church where the Illuminati came from which was intern controlled by the Zionists from babylon.

The Zionists created the catholic church to enslave Europe in order to create the necessary breeding grounds from many satanic ideologies created by the illuminati like communism. The breeding grounds basically required the lack of certain areas in human rights such as freedom of religion/ speech, even the right to do process or the right to self-defense.... which is very interesting that they’re banning Christianity or other religions and they’re only excepting satanism and so basically they’re both trying to shove Satanism and CRT into the minds of america’s traumatized students.

Think about why our own schools are trying to now force children who already double jabbed into joining satanic clubs against their will without their parents knowledge
as if the jobs weren’t enough that they needed to have a mass child sacrifice and some kind of spiritual genocide.. Who is the people who I think deserve their rope more than the Muslims are the fliping Satanists who dare sell away humanity...

The United States was actually created as a breakaway civilization to save humanity from the upcoming New World order. China is just a more successful enemy than the Catholic Church in regards to expansionism . I’m even learning some frightening truths about the connection between Cujo being a demonic force and the Chinese communist devil worship where they actually eat Adrenalize dog meat And they’re even putting black magic curses and mao’s little red book and anyone who reads his teachings are sucked under Cujo’s curse.

And my spiritual views do not align with religion of any kind I am spiritually neutral, I support free spirituality... I don’t care if you read the Bible or the Quran, No matter what religion you are a part of nobody is safe from such entities especially not the communist Cujo worshipers from Beijing.

The point is there after our rights for a reason without our rights that our founding fathers fought for. Because faith without free will or any given liberty it’s nothing but blind obedience.... Blind obedience is what got us into two world wars and eventual coup d’état of the United States via covid 19 then New World order.... religion is nothing but spiritual politics... All designed to Spiritually castrate the rest of us free rams into becoming submissive little sheep for the religious institutions to take away our natural psychic abilities that Big-Saint Or Big-Pharma would take from us to make us dependent on some religion so that when these Evil monsters coming to our houses to kill us with their psychic attacks then drag our souls to hell. Think about why certain truths of the Bible were removed or censored in regards to opening your third eye so that you can then transcend to a certain level on your own where you could actually fight these demonic bastards on your own, Religion just wants us to be defenseless when they do come. The thing about opening our third eyes is that we also have to apply any form of situational awareness in critical thinking in the psychic area. Once you become spiritually awakened by exercising the pineal gland, just understand and expect for some form of hell to break loose even in the form of a serious demonic haunting which is totally normal for anybody spiritually gifted who wants to know the truth and who wants justice and freedom Anybody who is a spiritual patriot are the biggest targets of all to satans forces, Not because somebody told you that you weren’t going along with the spiritually castrated flock but because you are becoming a threat to the New World order in someway or another. For certain devil entities. these religions are never going to get rid of completely. In simpler words for this if you brothers who are psychic and are seeing other creepy shit things start to unfold. Just understand that the only way you could possibly protect yourself from anything like if Satan or Cujo comes running at you in your house is if you are spiritually powerful enough and have the psychic balls to stand up and face these entities off on your own you can also get some help in one way or another...

Example: No political ideology is free because of how deep corrupt and influential the deep state is and the same applies to religion as well.
If some Arrogant Zelle goes and attacks you all because you have the audacity to share your free opinion and they have the balls to tell you to worship in certain religion, just tell them to go fuck off because for they are trying to forcefully convert you to their religion instead of saving you due to their subconscious biased mechanism that they were programmed with...And to me that sounds like a Catholic playbook that the abusive pedo-pope who is actually the antichrist would use to malign you into silence.

The reason for these messages is because some Things I am witnessing is that our community is under full-blown spiritual attack. I’m just worried for you guys do whatever you can and spiritually prepare and get ready because in the last days what you’ll be seeing for the next couple of months like the apocalypse is much scarier or paranormal than you think because you were fighting an enemy much more scary than even some kind of enemy invasion by the CCP or zombie apocalypse or some Covid vaccine team Gustavo coming to your door. Trust me these entities all go after all of us one by one and I think I’m next.

These demonic forces will come to you when you’re not expecting it and if you’re not successful then they’re most likely going to do some very scary shit to you and your body with their psychic poltergeist powers before snatching you out of your body and dragging you to who knows where. Regardless of what religious people tell you, you do not send yourself the hell neither does god cast you down either. The frightening truth is you are actually hunted down like prey by demons out of some kind of horror movie before being spiritually kidnapped to hell. Both physically, literally, and metaphysically speaking.

Think 11:3 or [Castle Rock] from both Qanon and Steven King’s Cujo.

Instead of being a St. Bernard with rabies, it Looks as bulky and surreal as a Chinese dog mascot like a Chinese cress with blood stained matted fur. Glowing white teeth, It’s breath smells like rotten flesh, especially if it’s eyes mainly it’s pupils start flashing like four-way flashers then...Shit

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