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UCW Show #376- Mikhaila Peterson And Her Benzo-Father Go to WAR Against Free Speech!

Published on 09 Jul 2024 / In Comedy
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Mikhaila Peterson And Her Benzo-Father

Mikhaila Peterson - was doing a live feed / chat and whining about how her junkie father was a special kind of Valium addict....

He could not live with them and he could not live without them.

As in fall over dead either way.

So he had to go off to a special detox in Russia for 6 months (or something like that).

I told her that he could do what every other Valium addicts do, a medically supervised TAPERED with drawl of say instead of taking 30 pills a day...

He can drop by 3 pills every 7 days, for a tapered with drawl over 6 weeks, so he down to 9 pills a day - and then decrease the dosage by 2 pills every week for the next 4 weeks...

Or something like that.

Easy peasy...

Mikhaila Peterson got the shits up, booted me from the chat, and then deleted my rather excellent and well thought out comment.

The bitch is an idiot.

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