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U.S. Marines just misplaced America's most valuable and advanced aircraft somehow.

Published on 18 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

This brings a whole new definition of Get "Woke Go Broke". How incompetent has our military become?

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havok545 7 days ago

wonder if the pilot got paid off and someone took over the plane control via remote and now it's in enemy hands or it's handed off to Ukraine or something

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AcquireZeal 8 days ago

They're doing this on purpose to look retarded and weak. No military would ever confess to such a massive fuck-up even in times of peace. 75 million is not that much to the feds. They are pretending to be more incompetent and weak than they really are, hoping the Russians see this and think that it's all an act, that they are pretending to be weak while actually being strong.

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Heavyhand 8 days ago

Appearing week is the best way to invite an attack.

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hqwebsite 8 days ago

Are they going to call back the retired professionals? Sounds like another plot for The Expendables...

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