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Two skanks of the Super Bowl halftime show

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Published on 07 Feb 2020 / In Sports

The Super Bowl halftime show
Podcast KenDelrican mgtow

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shitkicker79 1 month ago

I have a message to young men . Go watch "Blow up the outside world" by Soundgarden the official video . Take heed of the message portrayed .

This whole world is designed to bring you down by your own choice . Consumerism kills .
Depression kills.
Manipulation kills .
Protect yourselves from "the system" and D.T.A.
as most ppl have bad intentions for you .
Do Not Play The Game of
society . Love comes from a man NOT a wahmen .
They only care about looks money status and what you as a man can give them
(big fancy expensive house,
Mercedes , etc.) If you cannot provide the best of material objects she has no use for you keep in mind there are varying levels of this depending on the "value" a wahmen rates herself and what she feels she deserves or is entitled to.

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SentientVerity 2 months ago

i skipped most everything. for the most part i don't really watch tv. im also not really into sports. i heard about the feminized commercials of the super bowl. the better bachelor on YouTube talked about it. he said almost every woke movie they release that has to do with women empowerment is failing, and he said all we have to do is wait it out, allow them to go bankrupt while releasing these movies.

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KenDelrican 2 months ago

I don’t watch TV either for years I used the internet and apps At the time I was visiting my family and saw the interview on TV thank you for writing stay mgtow

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ChroniclesofAJ 2 months ago

same here man

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