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TWO FRANK CASTLES on @FreshandFitClips | REACTION | TSR: Live Ep. 964

Published on 25 May 2023 / In Entertainment

2 girls get kicked off the Fresh & Fit Podcast?!? Donovan Sharpe reacts in episode 964 of TSR Live, a red pill podcast for men about dating and relationships. #freshandfit #donovansharpe #redpillpodcast #dating #relationships #relationshippodcast Get HALF OFF all of Donovan Sharpe's eBooks & Courses with Coupon Code "50OFF" at Checkout! Go here to save: https://tsracademy.com/ Discount applies to everything, even if it's on SALE! 

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TSR Live is a "Red Pill" podcast for men by Donovan Sharpe who offers reaction videos with dating and relationship advice.

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