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Two Chicks at the Same Time or Self Improvement? | Live From The Lair

Published on 21 Aug 2023 / In Comedy

It’s time men sidestep the brainwashing and raid the trade schools instead of colleges and the diseased love caves called modern women.
#TerrencePopp #RaidTheTrades #HelpingMen

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Never_Again 21 days ago

12:00 ... @Redonkulas Popp #RedonkulasPopp ... BINGO

I retired @ 45yo, Jan. 2007. I have 3 children of 3 different women, & of 3 different States though. It took me a little over 3.5 years but I was able to prove through 5 courts I appealled that Daddy is the boss / true owner of his Private Property Estate Asset(s) aka his flesh & blood ... child(re).

Yes, property / assets. I shall not argue with any dumb fuck espesially a dumb fucking TWAT that I, & all other men are in fact the big chief in charge. You wanns agrue, bitch, & moan.? Go right ahead, & good fucking luck ya dumb ass bitches. You can let your fingers do the walking through the Holy Bible for contacting the Law / Rule maker ya TWATS.

As you may be able to tell, I'd / I've / I deal with many dumb fucks my whole life concerning this subject matter, or @ since 18 fucking years old. LOL. I be 62yo now, imagine the law I comprehend since then back in 1980.

Zero court ordered child, & or mother(s) suppirt AT ALL. $0.00 ... <--- does not mean they were not $$ taken care of ya arrogant BITCHES. According to 2 of 3 mothers they had never seen / had such good services as young / newly known PG girls, & or as mothers after my babies were born, & of course the medical care, & educational needs of children. My actual $$ cost(s).?

My John Hancock & dated materials. Maybe the costs for a chunk of paper, ink, an envelope, a stamp, & green card through pony express. WHOOPIE !

Just last night @ 62yo (she knows) a cute, well built 24yo was quite smitten w/me, the young men, & girls (freinds of hers) at a local pub told me so more than once. That group of young folks (as far as I know) still do not know I am a fucking private indivdual banker, co-owner of my Daddies blood-line businesses, owner (one of very few) of stock of a multi-billion $$ company, & the subsidaires, & co-owner of all U.S. of A., Inc.

If that cute / hot chick does continue down this path of snuzzling up to my ole man ass she may get her tight ass slapped for an hour & half @ a time. She did say several times that she'd hope to see me again soon @ that local estabishment. :) Hot Damn Popp, that lil' bitch is making me anticipate my next 2 city block walk for a frosty one & ice water. Prob this Saturaday night. hee-hee grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Have a great day young man, Popp. Damn good advice (again) through your video upload share.

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