Turd Flinging Monkey | The Traditionalism Cycle: Part 1 [Mirror]

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Published on 08 Jan 2020 / In Other

Video's original description:
Even though the theory has been revised over time, it's important to update the earlier versions so you can see where I've been and how I arrived at the conclusions that I did.

NOTE: Those whom are pro-Traditionalism DO NOT advocate a male-dominated society where women are the property of men, but rather the Gynocentric form of Traditionalism (usually associated with Conservative family values). I was originally going to name the states: "Patriarchal Traditionalism", "Gynocentric Traditionalism", Feminism, and Economic Collapse. However, because Feminists have overused and misused the term "Patriarchy" so much, I chose to avoid using that word, and I apologize for any confusion that my decision has caused.

Traditionalism, Gynocentrism, Feminism, Economic Collapse, back to Traditionalism.
Is there any way to break the cycle?

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sardonicsmile 6 months ago

Classic Turd Flinging Monkey.
Thanks for the upload.

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